MRCOOL DIY Air Conditioner Heat Pump

DIY Made Easy: Step-by-Step Guide to Installing Your MRCOOL Mini-Split System

Installation steps for the MrCool DIY 12k BTU Heat Pump, which uses quick connect fittings that simplify the installation process for homeowners by eliminating the need for specialized tools like vacuum pumps and gauges. Here’s an overview step-by-step guide tailored to this DIY-friendly system:

### What You'll Need
- Drill and drill bits
- Level
- Hole saw kit
- Screwdrivers (Phillips and flathead)
- Adjustable wrench X2
- Tape measure
- Stepladder

### Preparation
1. **Check Package Contents**: Ensure all components are present: indoor unit, outdoor unit, remote control, communication cable, power cable, copper tubing with quick connectors, wall sleeve, and mounting plate.

2. **Select Installation Locations**:
- **Indoor Unit**: Should be about 7 to 8 feet above the floor on an interior wall. Avoid direct sunlight and heat sources. The wall must be sturdy enough to support the unit’s weight.
- **Outdoor Unit**: Should be on a flat, stable surface, either on the ground or mounted on a wall bracket. It should be placed away from direct sunlight and in a spot that avoids water pooling.

### Installation Process
#### Indoor Unit Installation
1. **Mount the Installation Plate**:
- Use a level to ensure the plate is horizontally aligned.
- Mark the drilling spots through the plate's mounting holes.
- Drill the holes, insert wall anchors, and attach the plate with screws.

2. **Drill a Hole for the Piping**:
- Drill a hole (3.5 inches) in the wall at the position indicated on the mounting plate for the piping and cables.

3. **Install the Indoor Unit**:
- Feed the power cables, communication cable, and copper tubing through the hole.
- Hang the indoor unit on the installation plate, making sure it is securely mounted.

#### Outdoor Unit Installation
1. **Prepare the Location**:
- If placing on the ground, ensure the area is level. You may use a concrete pad or anti-vibration pads to provide a stable base.
- If using a wall bracket, securely mount the bracket at a suitable height, ensuring it is level.

2. **Install the Outdoor Unit**:
- Position the outdoor unit on the bracket or pad.

#### Connecting the Indoor and Outdoor Units
1. **Connect the Copper Pipes with Quick Connectors**:
- Align the copper pipes from the indoor unit to the outdoor unit. Start the quick connect fittings by hand ensuring that you do not damage the threads. Finish tightening with 2 crescent wrenches, be careful not to over tighten the connections. 

2. **Connect the Electrical and Communication Wiring**:
- Connect the communication cable and power cable between the indoor and outdoor units, matching the wire colors/numbers and ensuring tight connections.

3. **Secure the Pipes and Cables**:
- Use the optional line set cover to encase the copper pipes and cables, securing them to the wall to protect from damage and exposure.

### System Start-Up
1. **Final Inspection and Leak Check**:
- Visually inspect all connections to ensure they are secure and properly aligned.
- Check the area around quick connectors for any signs of refrigerant leaks (though leaks should not occur with properly connected quick connectors).

2. **Power Up the Unit**:
- Turn on the power at the circuit breaker.
- Use the remote control to start the indoor unit and select your desired settings to begin operation.

3. **Test the Unit**:
- Ensure that the system starts up properly and begins cooling or heating as expected.
- Listen for any unusual noises and check for any error messages on the indoor unit's display.

This installation process leverages the pre-charged refrigerant lines and quick connect fittings designed for easy DIY installation, making it accessible for homeowners without specialized HVAC training.

As always, contact us at MRCOOL DIY Direct for any questions or for guidance with your installation. 

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