MRCOOL offers two leading lines of ductless mini split systems: the Easy Pro Series and the DIY 4th Generation Series.

Exploring the Differences Between MRCOOL's Easy Pro Series and DIY 4th Generation Series

MRCOOL offers two leading lines of ductless mini split systems: The Easy Pro Series and the DIY 4th Generation Series.

The Easy Pro Series serves as MRCOOL's entry-level offering for single-zone climate control, while the DIY 4th Generation Series expands on this with both single and multi-zone capabilities, capable of heating and cooling between one to five rooms or zones.

In our comparison, we'll concentrate on the single-zone units from both series, given that Easy Pro is limited to single-zone configurations.

Key distinctions between these two lines can be seen in their available BTU capacities, energy efficiency, operational temperature ranges of the condensers, and the warranties provided by the manufacturer. Let's delve into each aspect.

BTU Range

  • The Easy Pro series presents options at 9K, 12K, 18K, and 24K BTUs.
  • The DIY 4th Generation series offers 12K, 18K, 24K, and a larger 36K BTUs, including a unique 18K single-zone unit with a Ceiling Cassette Air Handler.

While both series offer 12K, 18K, and 24K BTU units, the Easy Pro introduces a lower-capacity 9K unit, and the 4th Generation features a higher-capacity 36K unit.

Energy Efficiency With increasing importance placed on energy efficiency due to policy changes and rebates, the DIY 4th Generation series outperforms the Easy Pro in energy efficiency, as evidenced by their SEER ratings:

  • The 4th Generation series generally boasts higher SEER ratings across similar BTU capacities, indicating superior energy efficiency and potentially more savings on energy costs.

Operational Temperature Range Considering the climate is crucial when selecting a mini split system. The 4th Generation series operates across a broader temperature range compared to the Easy Pro series, indicating its suitability for more extreme climates.

Lineset Length

  • The Easy Pro series includes a 16-foot lineset, whereas the 4th Generation series comes with a 25-foot lineset. It's important to note that the lineset cannot be exchanged between the two, and additional length would require a separate purchase.


  • The DIY 4th Generation series offers a longer warranty period, with 5 years for parts and 7 years for the compressor, compared to the Easy Pro's 2-year parts and 1-year compressor warranty.

Which Should You Choose? The 4th Generation series, while more costly, provides significant advantages in terms of energy efficiency, operational temperature range, and warranty coverage. These factors make it a compelling option for those prioritizing performance and reliability. However, if these benefits do not align with your specific needs, the Easy Pro series represents an excellent value, still qualifying for most tax and energy rebates and offering the convenience of DIY installation.

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