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Unveiling the Future: Dive into the 4th Generation MRCOOL DIY Mini Split Systems

Exciting news has just landed as MRCOOL unveils the latest evolution of their DIY Mini Split systems with the introduction of the 4th Generation Series, perfectly timed for the upcoming summer season!

Being closely aligned with MRCOOL, we're thrilled to shine a spotlight on several aspects within this article:

  • The advantages of the newly launched 4th Generation
  • An exploration of the 4th Generation’s various configurations
  • Our expert recommendations
  • An invitation to explore the 4th Gen Series immediately!

Discover What Sets the 4th Gen Apart: A standout feature of the 4th Generation is the enhanced SEER Ratings, which underscore the importance of efficiency in HVAC systems. MRCOOL has notably uplifted the SEER Rating on their Energy Star Certified Single Zone Units, emphasizing their commitment to energy efficiency.

Comparing 3rd and 4th Gen SEER Ratings:

Expanded Options with More Zones: The 4th Generation series introduces two additional Outdoor Units / Condensers, offering models with 18K BTUs and a robust 48K BTUs. This expansion allows the MRCOOL DIY Systems to accommodate up to 5 Zones with the new 48K Condenser, enabling precise temperature control across five separate rooms for year-round comfort. The innovative 18K 2-Zone Condenser also makes purchasing two 9K Mini Splits more economical than ever, ensuring optimal BTU utilization without any waste.

Ceiling Cassette Innovation: The latest Mini Splits from the 4th Generation now include options for ceiling-installed air handlers, broadening the possibilities for discreet, efficient air conditioning and heating solutions. These systems allow for a mix-and-match approach with ceiling cassettes and wall-mounted air handlers connected to a single condenser. For tailored solutions, our HVAC specialists are readily available for consultations via chat or phone.

Unmatched Warranty Offerings: Embrace peace of mind with the introduction of a limited lifetime warranty on 4th Generation Condensers, which includes:

  • A limited lifetime warranty
  • A 7-year replacement warranty
  • A standard 5-year limited warranty

To qualify, units must be registered within 60 days post-installation, and the original owner must join the MrCool Care program within four months, assuming responsibility for a biannual program fee.

Revolutionary DIY Pro™ Cable: The inclusion of the DIY Pro™ Cable in most new Mini Split systems marks a significant upgrade, offering superior weather, gardening, and wildlife protection. This innovation negates the need for traditional electrical conduit, enhancing mechanical protection and longevity against:

  • Harsh weather conditions
  • Wildlife interactions
  • Routine yard maintenance

This advancement ensures your DIY Mini Split System will deliver uninterrupted, optimal performance for an extended period.

Continuing Innovation and Unparalleled Benefits with the 4th Generation:

  • Easiest DIY Installation: MRCOOL’s pre-charged linesets, available in lengths of 16', 25', 35', and 50', simplify the installation process, eliminating the need for vacuuming linesets and requiring no special tools or training.

  • Cost-Effective DIY System: MRCOOL has dedicated considerable effort to develop an affordable, easy-to-install DIY Mini Split system, sparing homeowners the expense and hassle of traditional, technician-installed systems.

  • Versatile Low Ambient Cooling: Ideal for server rooms, greenhouses, and various applications, the MRCOOL DIY® system ensures reliable cooling throughout the year.

Exploring 4th Gen Configurations:

MRCOOL offers a versatile range of options to cater to nearly any American home’s heating and cooling needs:

  • Select Your Outdoor Unit / Condenser:

    • 18K for up to 2 Zones
    • 27K for up to 3 Zones
    • 36K for up to 4 Zones
    • 48K for up to 5 Zones
  • Choose Your Indoor Unit(s) / Air Handler(s):

    • 9K for 375 square feet
    • 12K for 500 square feet
    • 18K for 750 square feet
    • 24K for 1,000 square feet
    • 36K for 1,600 square feet
  • Pick Your Linesets:

    • Lengths of 16 Feet, 25 Feet, 35 Feet, or 50 Feet
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