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HyperHeat Ducted

48K BTU Hyper Heat Central Ducted Heat Pump Condenser, CENTRAL-48-HP-C-230A00

48K BTU Hyper Heat Central Ducted Heat Pump Condenser, CENTRAL-48-HP-C-230A00

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TypeHyper Heat Condenser

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Product Overview

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Transform your home’s climate management with the MRCOOL Hyper Heat Central Ducted Condenser, a robust 48K BTU unit tailored to provide year-round, superior indoor comfort. This model stands out with its integration of a DC Inverter and advanced variable speed technology, ensuring top-tier efficiency that reduces energy costs while maintaining consistent performance.

With a remarkable SEER2 rating of up to 15.6 and an HSPF2-4 rating of 8.2, the MRCOOL Hyper Heat condenser offers enhanced heating capabilities, keeping indoor temperatures comfortable, even in extreme weather conditions from -22°F to 122°F.

The installation is made effortless for professional HVAC technicians with the innovative MRCOOL No-Vac Quick Connect Line Set. This breakthrough design eliminates the need for vacuuming or flare welding, simplifies the installation process, and helps avoid kinks, thus reducing overall installation time and costs—making it a financially savvy option.

Designed with an eco-friendly mindset, the unit utilizes R-410A refrigerant, minimizing its environmental impact. Constructed from robust painted galvanized steel, it is built to endure adverse weather, animal interference, and potential damage from yard maintenance tools, ensuring long-term, dependable service.

Additionally, the MRCOOL Hyper Heat condenser comes with a comprehensive 10-year warranty that includes the compressor, parts, and labor, providing extra security and ease as the labor warranty activates immediately upon installation, without the need for a complicated registration process. Opt for the MRCOOL Hyper Heat Central Ducted Condenser for a premium, efficient, and reliable heating solution that stands the test of time.

Key Features:

  • Maximum Energy Efficiency: Achieves up to 15.6 SEER2
  • Dependable Performance: Protected by a 10-year warranty on parts, labor, and compressor
  • Exceptional Temperature Adaptability: Operates effectively in extreme temperatures ranging from -22°F to 122°F.


Condenser Dimensions 37.48"W x 16.14"D x 52.48"H
Condenser Weight 220.24
SEER2 15.6
EER2 8.2
HSPF2 hspf2-4/2-5: 9.4/7.7
CFM 4,411.76
Cooling Capacity 47,000 BTU
Heating Capacity 50,000 BTU
Voltage Requires a minimum of 208-230V/60HZ/42 to 50A (please check your home meets this electrical requirement prior to purchase)
Phase 1
Cycle 60 Hz
Max Fuse Breaker 50
Min Circuit Ampacity 42
Coverage Area 2,000 square feet
Refrigerant Type R410A
Refrigerant Volume 169.32 oz
Decibel Rating 64
Inverter System DC
Air Flow Direction Upflow, Downflow, Horizontal Left, Horizontal Right
Cool Mode - Outdoor Operating Temperature Range 5°F to 122°F
Heat Mode - Outdoor Operating Temperature Range -22°F to 75°F
Room Temperature Cool: 61°F to 90°F
Heat: 32°F to 86°F
Dry: 50°F to 90°F 
Line set Included No
Max Line Set Length 213.25 ft
Liquid Line Size 3/8in
Suction Line Size 3/4in
Auxiliary Heater Included No
Auxiliary Heater Available Yes
Certificates AHRI
Warranty 10 years Parts and Labor
Propositon 65 Warning Yes

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