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16' Install Kit for 24/36k BTU Gen 4 DIY or Easy Pro Systems - 25 Foot Pre-Filled Line Set With Wire and 2 Couplers

16' Install Kit for 24/36k BTU Gen 4 DIY or Easy Pro Systems - 25 Foot Pre-Filled Line Set With Wire and 2 Couplers

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SKU16' Extension Install Kit for DIY Single Zone and Multizone 24K, 36K & 48K

Type25' Install Kit With Couplers & Wire

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When setting up a Mr. Cool Mini Split System at a distance greater than the standard 25 feet provided with your unit, additional line sets may be necessary.

This kit is designed to extend your setup by providing an additional 16-foot pre-charged line set along with couplers, allowing for a total distance of 50 feet between your air handler and the condenser.

Contents of the Kit:

  • 16' Pre-Filled Line Set: Adds extra length to your existing setup.
  • Couplers (DIYCOUPLER-38 and DIYCOUPLER-58): These are included to seamlessly connect the additional line set to your standard 25' line set.
  • 75 feet of MC5 Pro Cable: Provides a continuous electrical connection from your indoor unit to your outdoor unit, ensuring an uninterrupted power supply.

Installation Guidance:

  1. Disconnect the existing 25-foot wire or cable that is pre-attached to your indoor unit.
  2. Replace it with the new 75-foot MC5 Pro Cable included in this kit.
  3. Connect the line sets: Use the provided couplers to connect the new 16-foot line set with your existing line set to extend the total length.

Important Considerations:

  • Maximum Length: The total length for any Mr. Cool multi-zone system should not exceed 75 feet per zone. This is measured from the air handler to the condenser to ensure optimal performance.
  • Handling Excess Cable: If there is excess cable after installation, it should be coiled. Cutting the cable is not advisable as it could impact system integrity.

This kit is specifically tailored for use with 24,000 or 36,000 BTU indoor wall units, making it an ideal choice for larger installations that require extended distances between units.

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