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MrCool Mini Stat IR Thermostat for Ductless Mini Split - 2nd Gen - White

MrCool Mini Stat IR Thermostat for Ductless Mini Split - 2nd Gen - White

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If you find yourself enjoying the comfort that your MrCool mini split gives you day after day but you still feel that there's something missing, you'll probably find it with the extra control offered by the MrCool Mini Stat IR Thermostat for Ductless Mini Splits. This thermostat can help provide the comfort you deserve at the touch of a button.

The MrCool Mini Stat IR Thermostat comes loaded with a number of features meant to improve the quality of your comfort tenfold. One of the most impressive of these features is the Follow Me function, in which the Mini Stat communicates with the air handler so that it can push the temperature that you desire out to the location of the Mini Stat. This means that you can eliminate hot and cold spots in your room by turning on the Follow Me function and setting it in a spot that needs a little extra comfort. Bring the Mini Stat with you around the house to experience absolute climate control throughout your entire space!

This thermostat can also be operated with the Smart HVAC app, meaning it is completely integrated with Google Home and Alexa. You can also set a schedule, view the product's battery status, check overall operation and energy consumption, set temperature and humidity ranges, and much more! You'll be able to tailor your comfort to your exact specifications.

Setup and installation couldn't be easier. Two AA batteries are provided inside of the box so that you can almost instantly get your Mini Stat working. The MrCool Mini Stat IR Thermostat can be mounted onto the wall using either the included screws or velcro strips if you prefer it to be in one designated place. With the velcro strips, the product can still be removed from the wall if you want to change the location of the Mini Stat to get the most out of the Follow Me feature. Once you have the Mini Stat turned on, you can easily connect it to the Smart HVAC app via Bluetooth! Just follow the straightforward registration process and you'll be able to control your comfort with extreme precision.

You deserve exactly the comfort that you want. With the MrCool Mini Stat IR Thermostat, which has a 1 year warranty, you'll finally be able to attain whatever temperature you desire whenever you want it. Choose the MrCool Mini Stat IR Thermostat for Ductless Mini Splits and experience comfort your way.